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5 Tips To Optimise Video Ads On Social

29th May 2020 by CH

Did you know that video ads earn 30% more comments per impression compared to still images?

We listened in to a webinar hosted by Jennifer Bunting (Group Product Marketing Manager, LinkedIn) who ran a comprehensive study into creative techniques that drive the highest results, specifically in B2B video.

Here’s our five key takeaways that can also be applied to B2C content.

Focus On The Story

Micro-stories are really impactful. They give information that is valuable or make you feel something.

Posting a micro-narrative along with short, concise copy is more likely to get high click-through rates than something like an animated GIF, or a short image that in comparison can be quite meaningless.


This is the ‘curtain opening’ moment when you’re at the theatre and the show is about to start! They swing open and you immediately sit up in your chair and pay attention.

In video, creating that mystery up front and surprising viewers will really increase interest and click-through rates for your ads.

People-Focused Content

People connect with other people. Faces are your way in.

Focussing on close-ups of people to draw others in will maximise the potential for clicks, comments, and impressions.

Where possible, use case studies in your video ads because stories about people prompt conversation and shareability.

Silence Makes The Most Noise

79% of videos on LinkedIn are watched without sound.

So, how do you make audio-based decisions for your video content when no one is listening?

You could use recognisable song lyrics as captions in your video to immediately evoke the emotion that comes with the track.

Use facial expressions instead of dialogue where possible. This also allows your content to be easily transferable to different markets without the use of language.

Avoid The Three Big Mistakes

B2B marketers make three main mistakes with video content on social.

1.  Don’t start videos in a series with homogenous introductions. Your audience may think they’re watching the same video over and over again and your overall message won’t be clear.

2. Reduce your ad’s reliance on text. Some of the lowest performing videos have no story to tell other than the massive amounts of text to read on screen. If you have to use text, try to use only seven words at a time, and don’t make it too quick. Base your timings on a slow read so it can be understood by everybody.

3. Draw a line between micro and meaningless. GIFs which add no substance to your advert outside of making it prettier are the lowest-performing ads on LinkedIn. To come full circle, focus on the micro-narrative and the story to give your video ad substance.

Need ideas for creative and interesting video content on social? Speak to us. We’ll book in a brainstorm and come back to you with solutions.


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