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How AI is affecting video production

5th September 2018 by CH

The way that Artificial Intelligent (AI) machines are thinking and learning is starting to change and shape the future of technology.

AI is being used in a variety of industries to help speed up processes, and also helping to make films better in a variety of ways – and is even proving to be cost effective in some areas.

How video production is evolving

Film and video are always changing and AI is just another way technology is playing a larger role in the production stages.

Technology such as 3D printing is revolutionising film in production design, while virtual reality brings worlds to life and drones are opening up new opportunities for camera angles.

Plus, it’s now possible for automated video editing tools thanks to AI.

In Hollywood, AI is playing a huge role – especially in film reviews. Did you know that IBM created a movie trailer with AI?

Technology that’s changing video

Looking to the future, AI will most likely play an even bigger role in everything film-related and we’re looking forward to seeing the new opportunities that it brings, alongside powerful technology.

There’s a bunch of new technology that is changing video production – particularly drones. We love drones as they allow for a variety of shots. They can follow a subject while hovering and keep it all in perfect focus. Some of what they do humans simply cannot. Obtaining a bird’s eye view shot is much simpler with drones, and this is making high-quality film more accessible.

Additionally, 360 video technology is becoming more popular this year too – as we predicted. It can make content more engaging and interactive as the viewer feels actually involved with what’s happening.

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