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How EdPlace Used Video to Advertise Their Brand

27th February 2019 by CH

Marketing and advertising your brand or company with bespoke video content is massively effective.
Plus, you can tailor the type of content to suit your need, which is exactly what we did for EdPlace.

EdPlace is an online educational content provider for teachers, parents and tutors to help enhance children’s learning, helping over 30,000 five to sixteen-year old’s with their Maths, English and Science.

They wanted to reach even more people to provide information on what’s on offer and why parents and tutors should choose EdPlace as their education partner.

The Brief

To help them achieve this aim, EdPlace approached us to produce two bespoke videos they could share on Facebook, YouTube, via display advertising and on the EdPlace website.

The first was an explanatory video to highlight the product features and benefits of the tools on offer, as well as reflecting the brand’s personality.

The second video needed to convey a real-life customer story with an emotive message that resonated with parents as their key target market. This would focus on ‘Ryan the Rocket’ – a young professional skier that used EdPlace to stay on top of his schoolwork.

Our Approach

The ‘Explainer’ video
We wanted to make this animation really colourful, fun and engaging while delivering all the necessary information about EdPlace. And with just 60 seconds to play with, time was of the essence.

We covered both bases creating an animated character of a little girl and coupling that with a warm voiceover that explained the benefits of the EdPlace platform to viewers.

The video also showcased some pages within the platform using an on-screen computer animation which provided potential users with an insight into what to expect if they signed up.

The ‘Emotive’ Video
Our approach for this content was a little different. It needed more of a real-life documentary feel because we featured ‘Ryan the Rocket’ as a real kid, in the real world.

We met and interviewed Ryan and his mum Ami in their home and filmed b-roll of Ryan using the platform but also working closely with his mum – talking about progress and what he’d achieved using the platform and also in the world of professional skiing.

To support the narrative, we used Ryan’s mum’s interview as voiceover throughout the video, and also incorporated footage from Ryan’s GoPro while he was out on the slopes. This helped highlight his passion for skiing and contextualise why EdPlace is such an effective and suitable tool for him.

The Results

Check out the Explainer video with or without subtitles and Ryan’s emotive video with and without subtitles. It’s great to see the final content is also a prominent feature on their homepage.

Both videos received lots of engagement on social, plus EdPlace were delighted with the end result and so were we.

EdPlace is one example of the many companies we’ve helped create powerful video content for. If you’d like to do the same, get in touch.

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