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Inspiration on Insta – 10 Creative Instagrammers to Follow

23rd April 2018 by CH

Bored with your Instagram feed lately? Here’s a colourful mix of creative design, photography and graphic inspiration, ideal to get your creative juices flowing.

  1. @cinema.magic

This cinema appreciation account is filled with inspiring posts from nostalgic ones to BTS shots and images of your favourite actors.

Awesome alternative poster for “Se7en” (1995)!

A post shared by Cinema Magic (@cinema.magic) on

  1. @pitographer

Aka all the floral inspiration you’ll ever need. And just a very relaxing feed to scroll through, really.


A post shared by Kris Pito (@pitographer) on

  1. @motherlondon

Oh, this one’s a great addition to your following list, trust us! @motherlondon picks a new creative person each week to take over their feed, so it’s great for discovering up and coming artists. And the images, oh the images…

  1. @pavlovvisuals

The Instagram account of the Sprague brothers, Pavlov Visuals is full of quirky, fascinating designs that will make you stop and stare when you come across them.

Classy Hound

A post shared by pavlovvisuals (@pavlovvisuals) on

  1. @darias88

A different kind of design, courtesy of Daniel Aristizabal, a digital artist who we think has mastered the art of creating otherworldly images. Great to add a pop of colour to your feed.

  1. @michaelkennaphotography

From vibrant colours to Michael Kenna’s black and white shots of nature. For a bit of balance and absolutely stunning scenery.


#michaelkenna #minimal #hokkaido #japan

A post shared by Michael Kenna (@michaelkennaphotography) on

  1. @motiongraphics_collective

Time to break things up a bit with the help of some videos of work done by all sorts of motion designers. Plenty to browse here, that’s for sure!

  1. @brahmino

Visually-pleasing images and short videos that speak a thousand words. That’s what you can expect from Simone Bramante of Brahmino.


  1. @adobe

Adobe’s probably already on your Instagram follow list, but if not, you’re missing out on some truly impressive creations.

Happy #EarthDay 🌎 Find a spot that inspires you today. 📷: @mblockk

A post shared by Adobe (@adobe) on

  1. @ruskhasanov

Make sure to not only follow Ruslan Khasanov, but also check out his Instagram profile. His feed is something else and the colours you’ll get to enjoy are simply gorgeous.



A post shared by Ruslan Khasanov (@ruskhasanov) on

Which Instagrammer did you like best? Let us know on Instagram and whilst you’re at it, why not follow our feed too? We’ve got plenty of interesting behind-the-scenes sneak peeks and other fun posts.

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