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The Benefits of Outsourcing Creative Video Production

22nd August 2017 by CH

Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube and other digital giants already embrace the power of video.

Lots of brands and companies are thriving online because they understand the importance of video, but as the digital environment is filled with more content, consumer expectations increase and competition gets tougher.

It’s crucial to have professional video content that keeps people watching.

So, say goodbye to wobbly smartphone footage, off script ideas and boring visuals that your colleagues are really pleased with but you think looks awful. It’s a no brainer, partner with a production company like us for video content you can actually use!

We’re creative

We’ve got over 12 years of experience creating videos for big names like PepsiCo, Walkers, Evian, Doritos and King’s College London.

We use our creativity every day; working up visual treatments and writing interesting scripts, but we’re also creative when it comes to working with tight budgets and deadlines. After all, not everyone has the budget for a Hollywood production and that’s ok.

We understand the importance of branding

Before we kick off any video project, we make sure we know you and your business as much as possible. We ensure that the videos we create stay true to your identity and respect your brand guidelines.

We’re objective-driven

We’re focused on achieving the goals for each video project and we always spend time understanding your objectives before we start storyboarding. We also suggest different ways of doing things if we think there’s a better way.

We BELIEVE in video

Video is our passion. We are fascinated by video and always researching new styles, new technologies and creative ways of pushing the boundaries of video production.

Finally, we’re here to help you make the most of creative video and share your stories with the world. Drop us a line at hello@ch-video.com to speak to one of our Producers.

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