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Using Video For Advertising And Marketing

13th February 2019 by CH

Video has truly become the dominant force in the digital marketing and advertising space.

It is a superb way to boost brand awareness. There’s ample opportunity to present what you do well, what you stand for, and why customers should use your services.

You can easily incorporate branding and colour schemes to reflect your brand’s aesthetic and create assets that customers will immediately identify with your brand as it becomes more familiar.

Video also presents a great chance to target your desired customer base. Social media lends itself to the sharing and distribution of interesting content. So, if people deem your videos engaging, there is a natural way to share what you’re doing with more people who might find it interesting.

Any regular social media user will know how easy funny, interesting or informational videos can come into their periphery. So if you can get your video campaigns right, you can use it to enhance your Facebook page or Twitter feed, and the power of social media in many instances can do the rest.

Ultimately, video is a form of visual content. It interacts with customers in an easily-digestible, accessible and fluid way. This is why it’s such a popular tool among marketers today, and why if you’re not trying it yourself, you’re missing out.

The Video Challenge

In the interest of full disclosure, we’ll level with you – video is not the easiest thing to get right.

Think of it this way – you’ve probably watched a TV show this week, and there were probably advertisement breaks. There might have been an advert that you quite liked and registered with you. There was also probably an advert that annoyed you.

Obviously, you’re more likely to use the services of the company behind the advert you liked, rather than the irritating advert that interrupted your evening.

When done well, video can be hugely advantageous to businesses. Well executed, creative video initiatives can help to create better levels of connectivity between you and your customers.

But it requires a concise, shared approach and can’t just be rushed.

I’m ready – let’s make a video!

So you’re convinced and ready to make a video for your brand? Here are some things to bear in mind:

Visuals are vital – People remember what they see much more than what they read. And when consuming video via smartphones, many people won’t be listening with the sound on. That makes being visually impressive all the more important.

Don’t go over the top – You don’t need to cram your video content with every single piece of information about what you bring to the table. You just need to entice customers to learn about your brand and be interested in what you do. Your website can do the rest.

Speed is of the essence – People don’t want long videos that feel laborious and tiresome to watch. They will find something more interesting very quickly! This means that being punctual and concise is vital to a successful online video, and particularly so for social media videos, where the next interesting thing is literally just a scroll up the feed away.

Mix things up – Different forms and styles of video can help you avoid being samey and repetitive. Consider fleshing out a selection and spectrum of ideas and topics to cover, with videos of different lengths helping to meet user interest across different mediums.

Whether looking to make an internal video, recruitment video, conference video or something completely different, make it happen.

We’re creative video experts with vast experience in video production for commercial purposes.

So, if you need guidance on how to get your video right, or simply want to spice up your social media offerings through video, we can work with you to achieve your aims. Get in touch

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