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7 Documentaries Everyone Should Watch

12th June 2018 by CH

There are thousands of interesting, mind-blowing and eye-opening documentaries out there, but which ones are an absolute must-watch? Whether you’re a casual viewer or you take an avid interest in this genre, we’ve put together a list of 7 documentaries to add to your watch-list.

Blue Planet 2 (2017)

Everyone has seen the original Blue Planet, right? The popular documentary series about the Earth narrated by Sir David Attenborough. The sequel which was launched just last year is even more visually stunning and has managed to capture images never seen before of the natural world. It’s also an eye-opener around the devastation plastic can cause to our planet.

The best bit is…it doesn’t matter what age you are. Anybody can enjoy Blue Planet!

Icarus (2017)

Ever wondered how performance-enhancing drugs work in sports? Netflix’s award-winning documentary, Icarus, sets out to uncover the truth behind it all. Taking away an Oscar, 5 other wins and 9 nominations – definitely worth seeing what all the ‘fuss’ is about.

Secrets of Underground London (2014)


Who knew that the city of London had so much history to tell? Discover the secrets of London’s Underground throughout time and see which ones still live on today. Presented by Samuel West and part of a complete series, it grasped our attention throughout. Definitely one for history aficionados.

Dope (2017)

Dope unlocks the doors to seeing first-hand the war on drugs in America. Filmed from the perspectives of dealers, the police and users, we get to learn how dangerous the game is. In fact, the first season was so well received that a second season was soon underway.

Rotten (2018)

If you’re interested in learning how the food industry operates or want to seek ‘truth’ in where food comes from, then this may be for you. Netflix’s Rotten brings viewers into the world of food production and shows how dangerous it can be. Some scenes are a little graphic, it made us slow down on the popcorn a bit.

Stranded (2007)

Stranded: I’ve Come from a Plane That Crashed on the Mountains tells the events of a 1972 Andes plane crash, as told by the 16 survivors. It’s incredibly eye-opening and an embodiment of utter determination. If you’re looking for a great documentary, you’ve got to try this one.

A Brief History of Time (1991)

…and the final one is a classic. Made in 1991 by Errol Morris, this documentary is an adaptation of Stephen Hawking’s popular book. If you’re into his work and want to learn more about him and the physics of time and space in general – check this out.  Winning numerous awards and getting a high 94% rating by Rotten Tomatoes, it’s a documentary that everyone should watch.

Got a documentary you love that wasn’t on the list? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram.

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