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Communication That Counts Right Now

3rd April 2020 by CH

A quick guide to essential communication during this time and where video can play a vital part.

When the UK lockdown was announced, many of us recoiled and withdrew.

Businesses have had to immediately understand HOW they work to maintain continuity of service and WHAT they’re offering during this Covid-19 crisis. For some, agility has had to be learned on-the-go; our clients are a mix of suppliers, management and key workers – disciplines that have seen serious challenges.

The fact is, companies and leaders will be judged on how they respond to the coronavirus crisis.

Like us, many video agencies servicing internal and external company communications have seen increased efforts to get critical information delivered to colleagues as well as customers. From internal employee welfare, recognition and leadership to external community outreach, humanitarian acts and company confidence and validity. These are all messages that need delivering.

As priorities are adjusted, communication is more important than ever now.

The power of video continues to prove its effectiveness but should be timely and engaging.

Here are a few areas that we are working within and some ideas that could be useful to any business right now:


  • Messages recorded remotely and edited for colleagues with branding and motion graphics. These can come in all shapes and forms and could include business updates, general outreach and top-level information.

Employer Brand

  • Positive messages around talent belief and support – your greatest assets.
  • Showing what you’re doing to care for colleagues – the extra steps being taken, appreciation of those going above and beyond. These are ‘human’ stories of substance.
  • Showing how your leaders are ‘real people’ running the business and how they are implementing things to care for everyone right now.

External/Corporate Comms

  • Company updates – what you are doing, how you’re maintaining service and are positioned to serve your customers now.
  • Pride and appreciation videos – recognition, human stories and your achievements during this difficult time.
  • New partnerships and initiatives that may have been created – what that means to your customers.

Internal Comms

  • Management ‘walking the walk’ of the company values – sharing details on how leaders running the business to stoke confidence.
  • Mental Health awareness – tips for colleagues as they work on their own, the importance of togetherness and integration across all levels of your company.
  • Working from home advice – physical set-ups, connectivity, routines and moments of fun.
  • Key Worker communications – critical advice for those on the front line, support and pride
  • Company updates and initiatives – keep the brand flying, new strategies, increase the sense of belonging during this time of self-isolation.


  • Mental health tips and advice.
  • Working from home advice.
  • COVID updates and how to access information and support

Culture & Engagement

  • Recognition – celebrating your heroes with emotive and inspirational video content.
  • How you’re facing the challenges together – letting your colleagues know and keep everyone in the loop.

Talent Management

  • Initiatives you may be doing to engage staff as they work remotely.

Learning & Development

  • Promotional videos for online learning platforms and digital communication.
  • Explainer videos to share new ways of working delivered in a clear and engaging way.


  • Share videos to show how your company PR is working overtime right now.

R&D and Innovation

  • Those efforts to maintain continuity of service or agility are stories that need telling.
  • Potential changes to your business model, production or supply chain to suit the current climate.

Customer / Sales / Field Sales

  • Businesses are finding new ways to sell. Videos can communicate and promote that. Do it effectively with video as your main sales content.

Category / shopper

  • Critical Covid-19 related information relating to category or shopper.


  • Videos that succinctly and clearly explain your company’s IT ability.
  • How-to videos – connecting remotely and where to ask for help.
  • Security measures – informing colleagues with a spotlight on staying safe and secure online.

Supply Chain / Field Teams / Operations

  • Pride and appreciation videos – those key workers on the front line (self-filmed content that can be edited and sent out to the wider company).
  • Showing continuity of service and effort.

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list but areas where now is the time to act.

We’re here to help you and available to chat on email, telephone or video call (well of course!).

Contact one of our Producers directly, say hello@ch-video.com or check us out on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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