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How To Hit Your Video Production Deadlines Every Time

5th August 2019 by CH

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By definition, a perfectionist is somebody who ‘refuses to accept any standard short of perfection’. 

We can all be perfectionists at times, can’t we. It’s generally a good thing at work – taking pride in what you do and making sure whatever you’re working on meets your expectations to a tee.

When there’s a deadline looming in the video world, this can be tricky. Final deliveries can sometimes lead to quick decisions, put people under pressure and give an important project a rushed end result that’s not quite perfect. 

Here’s some suggestions to make sure you’ve got ample time to get your video content completed and looking awesome.

1 – Set clear goals

Before any video project starts, it’s obviously important to work out exactly what you want to achieve and when.

Any potential difficulties should be identified and analysed sooner rather than later, so they can be overcome. Make sure you tell your agency the real deadline too. There’s no use rushing something if you have a bit more time than you’ve let on.

2 – Secure the people you need

Who do you need on the project and what will their individual roles be? Are the people you need free and available to commit to your project as much as you need them to? Feedback and amends stages are really important so this is a must. 

By calculating who is needed for what, when and for how long, it’ll give you a much better chance of hitting that all important deadline.

3 – Take things step by step

Go through all the stages of the production process so you understand and know what’s needed, then get each part of your project completed before moving on.

A good way of ensuring you do this well is by making sure you…

4 – Have intermediate deadlines

Giving your project mini deadlines (even internally) can break everything up into smaller phases and take the edge off that ultimate deadline.

This also helps you zone in on what needs doing at what time.

5 – Reward yourself

Give yourself that extra motivation to get the job done. Plan for some drinks with your team or catch the film crew at the end of the shoot. This can definitely act as that extra push to get the video produced and sorted on time. 

Reward yourself and everybody involved. Bring people together to celebrate good work! It’ll bode well for the next project you take on as a team. Happy days.

And finally

We’ve got so much experience helping a really diverse range of companies make great content and hit their deadlines because we understand how all of this works!

So if you’re missing deadlines and want to get in touch, we’ll give you a hand. 

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