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Ideas For Things To Do During Lockdown

7th April 2020 by CH

Running out of ways to keep you busy during the Covid-19 lockdown?
Here’s a few ideas to help you out. (Don’t judge us).


Home Alone – for research then plan how you’d safeguard your house from pesky burglars.

Contagion – get freaked out then have a full body cleanse for a whole weekend.

28 Days later ­– have bad dreams about zombies and good dreams about Cillian Murphy.

The World’s End – be entertained but wonder why it’s not as good as Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead.

Deadset (Channel 4 series) – reminisce about how rubbish Big Brother was and how good it is to see a zombie Davina McCall.

Comedy – of any kind. Our favourites are Friday Night Dinner (best watched actually on Friday nights), This Country (for silliness and a dose of sentiment), and The Office (oh please, of course we mean the UK original series).

Your colleagues on video calls ­– make a mental note of who is still making the effort and who has the best looking room.


Yoga – light candles, laugh at yourself in weird positions and imagine life as a Stretch Armstrong (if you know, you know).

Marie Kondo on your whole house – fold, fold, fold for tidy drawers and then marvel at how many pointless t-shirts you don’t wear, and pack them in a bag ready for a charity shop.

Your daily exercise outside – running frantically, pretending you’ve just escaped from prison with guards after you (or maybe zombies?).

Lots of cleaning ­– leave no washing up (even a teaspoon), get on top of all your laundry then smell how great your fabric softener is.

Listen to your most favourite album (old or new) in its entirety and without any distractions.

Group video chats and quizzes with your mates. Or just hold up the corner of a random object and see if they can identify it. Don’t get too competitive!

Write a song ­– whatever the lyrics and then record a tune using only pots, pans and kitchen utensils.

Learn how to say hello in five languages – revise and get someone to test you. Then feel pleased with yourself when you can remember them in a week’s time.

Make friends with those weird neighbours you’ve seen (everyone has them!) through the window and invite them round for a cup of tea when all of this blows over.

Listen To

The radio – find a weird local station for some light relief. But obviously Greg James on Radio 1 is where it’s at.

Birds singing in your garden/roof terrace/out the window with a beer and/or glass of wine in the evening sun.

Your family and friends – ring them often and ramble on about everything and anything.

Podcasts about the environment – think about how awesome it is that we’re giving the planet a break right now.

The voices in your head – It’s easier to hear them without all that traffic.

Boris – forget the politics but don’t forget the logic!

Try Not To

Get FOMO – it’s basically impossible during lockdown anyway.

Stare at the news for longer than you need to, online, on your phone, or on TV.
Get annoyed and/or bored with the ones you love and live with – remember this won’t last forever!

Be upset that the shop by the office is missing out on your lunch money.

Use up all of your toilet roll!

But seriously, we hope you’re coping and doing ok. If we can help you with a video, give us a bell. We’re online and ready to go, so say hello@ch-video.com

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