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Our top video trends for 2021

21st December 2020 by CH

Video will continue to be a powerhouse for companies, advertisers and everyone in-between.

Here are our predictions for top video trends in 2021.

  1. Internal comms videos

After a year of working remotely and conferences and events going online, video communication has elevated into an even more important position.

Video quickly and effectively gets across training, product sell-ins, internal initiatives and employee comms in a really engaging way. It’s great at making your message stick and packs a punch for your comms plans.

  1. Optimised video content

This is different to video formats like vertical and square shapes. It’s thinking about where people may see the video content and in what way.

Think about cut down versions and ‘phases’ of video delivery where you have a main video and a suite of shorter versions for longevity of use. Adding shorter and customised versions of a main video is a small step to extra success.

  1. TikTokking

The stratospheric rise of TikTok has pushed other social platforms to follow suit with Instagram Reels and Twitter’s Fleets being launched. Yes, you probably think it’s just for teenagers who like to copy dance moves, but these popular ways to communicate eventually find their way into the wider macrocosm.

No, your CEO won’t be found interpretive dancing on your new talent acquisition video (unless…) but the quirky, non-self-conscious approach is something that we will see more of in advertising. From there, it won’t be long before it gets everywhere.

  1. Shoppable videos

For brands who sell directly to consumers, sales videos that are either clickable or have an overlay to ‘instant buy’ have been getting more prevalent. Clearly the hosting technology is the main element to enable this aspect but how the video itself references that ability is going to become more widespread.

Smartphones equipped with Lidar scanning ability are starting to really impact the market (see IKEA’s Place App where you can use your phone to site furniture in your home for review).

Ultimately though, shoppable video urges consumers to complete an action. Something it’s good to be reminded about with most videos needed some kind of  ‘call to action’ message.

  1. Less and more is… more

We’ve all been urged to make videos shorter to fit with the social media norms, and for the most part that’s true. Attention spans have apparently dropped to 8.25 seconds!

Saying that, well-crafted longer videos can actually result in higher engagement rates. A study by TwentyThree found that videos longer than 15 minutes account for 50% of all video engagement, but only 8% of content.

The upshot? Context is everything. Don’t fear the duration. Just ensure your video is crafted to do the work well and keep your viewers interested.

  1. More silence is golden

Unexpected loud noises blaring out of your phone is why most of us would rather watch with the sound off or prefer reading captions.

Of course, we’d prefer if everyone heard as well as listened (how else are they going to notice our perfectly chosen music track and sound effects). But we do make sure our videos are subtitle ready where possible.

  1. Personality

In 2020, internal comms was largely about Zoom and Teams. People calling you on your laptop just to have some interaction, where they would usually just ping an email over.

We think this will naturally translate into our video work – either filming people professionally talking to the viewer or capturing Zoom or Teams footage to put faces in the video. The human touch has never been as important.

  1. Design-led video

It’s looking like more 3D graphic design, voxel design and monochrome and duotone design styles are heading our way in 2021, which we’re excited about!

3D graphic design


Voxel design


Monochrome and duotone design styles


To make sure all of our wonderful videos are contemporary and hit the mark for our clients, we love to keep an eye on trends, design styles and more.

Give us a shout to discuss your video project by saying hello@ch-video.com

Williams Commerce Marketing Team

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