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A glimpse into the possibilities of 3D animation

4th May 2017 by CH

2D animation is a fantastically powerful tool. We can create striking infographics, character animation, explainer videos…the list goes on. However you’ll always be limited by the lack of the third dimension. At CH, we love creating 3D animations for our clients as it has a vast number of benefits, which just don’t have the same impact in 2D.  One of these benefits is photorealistic environments. For example,

• Store fly-throughs: Seeing a product, as it would be in a store environment, how it reacts to different camera angles and perspectives as it would in real life, can be incredibly beneficial to a viewer.

• Set extensions: Comping objects into shots that were not there. Whether it is sign posts, cars, buildings or even a sunset. Set extensions open up thousands of possibilities to us as video makers in achieving our vision.

We recently created a spoof news broadcast for one of our clients. We relished the challenge that a news studio shoot presented.  We delivered this project by creating a 3D studio environment and shooting our presenter on a green screen and dropping him into that environment. This gave us much more freedom in the edit for camera moves and choice of angles. It also greatly pleased our producers and clients by avoiding the need and costs associated with hiring a real news studio.

The end result was very well received by the client and the audience; delivering the key messages in an engaging and impactful way.

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