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The Best Way to Communicate Internally for a Large Company

23rd October 2017 by CH

Does this scenario sound familiar?

Your company has offices all over the world and you need to tell everyone about a new programme launch across the business, or maybe share an update on the company’s success.

Thing is, TIME IS PRECIOUS and in any company things move FAST so spreading the word can be hard work.

That’s where video comes in. It’s short and much more exciting than reading an email full of waffle (don’t worry, you read on, this blog isn’t too long!)

It saves you time and money

Video is an efficient and a vital way to communicate internally, especially within a large company. Whether you need to shout about an internal announcement, showcase a re-brand or support different teams across the business, it conveys a concise message in a captivating way.

But this is just the beginning. Creative content can be used to educate, enthuse and encourage people within any business, in any team.

To name a few, it could be an essential tool to:

  • Bring any plan to life
  • Launch new initiatives
  • Share company news
  • Train new starters
  • Motivate your staff
  • Acquire new talent

We’ve been helping our biggest clients achieve all this and then some.

Our example
We recently produced a big video package for PepsiCo’s Supply Chain team. They needed to excite 23,000 colleagues about their future vision. So, we planned, filmed and delivered 7 videos and re-versioned them into 17 languages so PepsiCo could share them across 45 markets.

The content reached 92% of their employees within 6 weeks, we scored 4.5/5 on average and got some awesome feedback:

‘Fantastic work, the video material worked very well and was easy to follow’
‘I found the video content and direct messages from the leaders the most interesting’

It’s an excellent example of how large, multinational companies like PepsiCo use video to communicate efficiently.

So, if you want to harness the power of video to communicate internally within your company, get in touch and say hello@ch-video.com

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