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Presenting – Are You Doing It Wrong?

24th September 2019 by CH


We’re passionate about making presentations more engaging and impactful – this is why we came into existence. Well-crafted videos can get hearts racing, generate pride, add humour and bring work to life in way that is far more effective and memorable than a series of PowerPoint slide…zzz.

We’ve made thousands of videos for conferences over the years; here are our top tips for a successful output.

  • Start planning your presentation early, at least 4 weeks before you conference, you need to have a good idea of the structure and content in order to establish where video can play a part.
  • Think quantity as well as quality. It’s always better to have several shorter 1 minute videos to break things up rather than one long 4 minute one that covers everything.
  • Choose your video agency carefully. Have they got a proven track record at delivering great content for you, do they know your business inside out? Conference videos need to be turned around quickly and delivered on time for the event so you need to feel confident that your agency can do that!
  • Write a detailed brief that covers the following; video background, objective, key messages, audience, duration, music style, deadline & budget. Then task your agency to come up with ideas & video approaches e.g motion graphics or filmed interviews.
  • If you don’t have a video idea in mind then take your agency through your presentation and see where they think video could add value.
  • Think how your video can be re-used after the event. Could you adapt it easily to share with your customers or re-version it into different languages?
  • Get behind the storyboard and share it with your key stakeholders to get their input. It’s important to lock the narrative down on paper before you go into production. This will help keep your costs down and reduce the number of amends you need to make to the video when it comes out for review.
  • Once the video has been put together, book review sessions in with all stakeholders and consolidate your feedback. This will help you hit your deadline.

If you’ve got a conference or event coming up and you want to add schuzz then give us a call. We’re experts at this!

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