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20th June 2017 by CH

We’ve had a lick of paint, we hope you like it. But it’s more than that.

In the past few years the video production industry has changed beyond recognition. Technology has democratised the ability to shoot video; your smartphone is more capable than a professional video camera of even five years ago. Of course, having the ability to shoot 25 frames a second does not necessarily equate to a good video, just as owning a microwave does not make anyone a decent chef.

For businesses who rely upon a professionalism for both internal and external communication it has been an awakening. The gulf between self-shot, ‘quick and dirty’ video and video content that’s been expertly considered and produced for effective communication is obvious. It’s also a matter of trust – the viewer these days understands as much how a video is produced as the narrative it is delivering. This perception is as important.

Throughout this evolution Changing Horizons (the clue is in the name) has continually adapted and re-organised to meet the new frontiers of video production and communication for business whether B2B or B2C and more.

But because incremental change is not always visible, we felt we needed to give ourselves a new look externally. Out with old and in with the blue.

CH, because that’s what we are now known as, is made up of a core team of really creative and passionate practitioners of video with extensive experience across all manner of video deliverables. Along with our trusted network of partners we can scale up and down as required making us truly agile and competitive.

We bring quality, validity and experience; we really know how to get the best out of video, from a ‘talking head’ right up to an extensive and logistics-heavy shoot day. Creativity is at the heart of our work. We have the skills to craft narrative content that educates and engages audiences, pushing the boundaries of branding and storytelling.

We are proud of the services we offer and we’re respected by our clients, of all sizes, for working closely with them and for anticipating what they need. We create video in the most cost effective way.

Take a look around our new website for the ‘top line’ but please feel free to give us a call – no obligation, we just love talking about video and we’re a friendly bunch, promise.

Now, more than ever, well-produced video is a proven and effective method to communicate your messages to the world.

CH make those videos truly brilliant.

Changing Horizons

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