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Choosing the right music for your video

19th April 2017 by CH

Attractive visuals require attractive music.

Seen by many as an additional extra or by some as a distraction, music is often left at the bottom of the pile when it comes to storyboarding a video. However, I believe that it should be seen as one of the most important factors for a video, as music will play an important part in the style, tone and delivery of a video.

Strong visuals and graphics will go a long way in attracting viewers, but the right music track will ensure your audience remains engaged with the video from start to finish. It will go far to ensuring that the ‘pause’ button isn’t clicked, and mobile phones aren’t withdrawn from pockets and jackets.

It’s about choosing the right music track for your audience and choosing a track that complements the visuals. Here at CH we can help identify the genre and emotion of your video and work with you to brainstorm music ideas.

Music sets the tone for your video and goes a long way in reflecting your company or brand identity. It helps turn a great video into a brilliant video.

The short example below highlights just how important it is to choose the right music track to fit with the tone of the video. It demonstrates how music can spark emotion and create a positive feel that corresponds with the voiceover and visuals.

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