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Going Green On Set

January 10th 2020 by CH

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Our 2020 New Year’s resolution? Be green.

Sustainability and going green are really important and on everybody’s minds at the moment, including ours.

So, we want to continue to reduce our carbon footprint and encourage sustainable practices within our business.
Here’s a few things that we’re proud of:

LED lights

We use LED lights because they are typically 80% more efficient than standard lights. They also emit much less heat which makes them safer and better for the environment. Plus, it’s a lot more comfortable for our talent in front of the camera!

Saving Paper

Instead of printing lots of document for shoots like risk assessments, scripts and call sheets; we try to use digital copies. Where this isn’t possible, we always recycle our paper AND shredding.

Water Bottles

We always try to bring our own water bottles on set to minimise single use plastics. So, if you’re joining us on one of our shoots, try to remember your own water bottle too!

Travelling Together

Sometimes we have to travel quite far to film great content, and when we do, we try to carshare. It’s also a great opportunity to jam to each other’s tunes. We’re also really proud to have a Tesla car in our car-park – our very own Senior Producer Gary has recently bought (and won’t stop talking about!).

It’s A Digital World
So much of our work every day involves chatting to different people (clients, crew, talent) to make things happen. To be as green as possible, a lot of us work from home which is great. But we also use technology and digital resources so we can work as efficiently and as sustainably as we can.

Even small changes can have a big impact and we want to do our part. But we’re always looking out for ways to improve our processes and do our bit for the planet.

Got any more suggestions? Give us a bell. hello@ch-video.com

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