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How To Be Creative

30th January 2019 by CH

Being a creative thinker and full of useful ideas can be a great asset to both your professional and personal life.

If you’re looking for ways to get your creative juices flowing, put down your coffee and try out some of these tips…

Remove distractions

To properly concentrate and come up with the next best idea for your project – put your phone down, turn off the TV and get some quiet.

When you really need to think creatively, this is the best way to create a peaceful atmosphere that allows you to think clearly and zone in on what you need to do.

Take a break

Everybody’s been under pressure but needed to be creative at the same time. If your brain is scrambled and it’s all getting a bit much, taking a tactical break is a must.

Make it a positive and productive thing – take a break by:

  • Stepping back and looking at your project from a different perspective
  • Leave your work and do something completely different to give your mind a rest
  • Or, simply just do nothing and relax – or meditate!

In fact, going for a walk can actually improve your creative thinking, so why not give that a try? When we’re exercising, our brain releases dopamine that makes us feel good and can contribute to more creative thoughts.

Look to others

If you’re struggling to even come up with ideas, look to other people for inspiration.

By collecting a well-rounded set of influencers, you can become more creative yourself.

Our top tip is to not limit yourself with only a small number of people, but to make sure you openly collaborate and listen to lots of different people. The more inspired thoughts and examples you engage with, the better chance you have of forming your own creative ideas.

Look at different industries to your own. This can really open your eyes to what other creatives are trying and potentially give you a great idea of your own.

Even just looking at inspiring Instagram accounts can be extremely useful!


Of course, not everybody will be in the position to ask for feedback or opinions on their idea or project. But if you can get somebody to cast their eyes over your work or give feedback, this can be really useful.

Ask somebody their genuine opinion on what you’re doing or thinking about. They’ll have fresh eyes and a fresh mind which could offer ideas and thoughts that you have completely missed. When you’ve been focusing on something for so long…that often happens!

We always collaborate when working on our video projects. It helps us create the best work we can because everybody excels when they share their ideas, discuss options, and select the right path to success.

What are your favourite ways to increase your creativity? Sometimes the little things can help the most. Leave a LIKE if we’ve helped.

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