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Tom & Steve introduce our new 4K camera setup

2nd March 2017 by CH

We’re always looking to maximise the quality of our output. So recently we’ve had the pleasure of updating our kit room, with two fantastic new cameras, the Sony FS7 and Sony A7S mark II. But how do they differ from our previous set up and what visual difference do they offer.

The Sony FS7

  • Visually this camera is in a different league. The image has incredible detail, sharpness and dynamic range. Shooting an interview by a window? Now we can expose for both the foreground on the inside as well as the brighter outside scene, avoiding a completely white, washed-out window. Sunny sky and dark forest floor? No problem. Having this capability gives us a lot more control and flexibility as well as producing fantastic looking images.
  • The next huge benefit is the ability to shoot in ultra high resolution 4K (double the resolution of HD). While many clients still have no way of viewing 4K, it still has a range of uses for us while editing, the main being the ability to crop into images. Allowing a one camera interview to now look like a two camera setup without loss of quality.
  • The other great feature is slow motion! We can now shoot up to 150 frames per second, that’s six times slower than reality! his can add tons of drama and make any shot look instantly cool.

Sony A7S mark II

This little beauty becomes our star B camera for video and A camera for stills. It’s main benefit is its size. It’s incredibly small, useful for shooting in tricky situations. While there is a small payoff in terms of quality to the FS7 it still has its own impressive capabilities, including 4K and four times slow motion. The footage also marries together seamlessly with the FS7, so perfect for a two camera interview setup.

Anyway, talk is cheap, let’s see some results. Here’s what we shot in a couple of hours the afternoon of receiving the cameras. Hopefully we didn’t get too carried away with slow motion jumping.

Changing Horizons

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