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The Top Indie Films of 2018

24th September 2018 by CH

What’s the lure of the indie film?

Put simply, they tend to break convention and provide watchers with a different type of cinematic experience. These movies can be experimental, brave and bold in ways that your typical Hollywood blockbuster isn’t.

So, if you’re interested in some of the latest indies that have captured our minds and hearts, this list is for you.

  1. Isle of Dogs


This is a typically kooky and creative offering from acclaimed director Wes Anderson. Made using stop motion animation, the film follows a young boy searching for his dog after the entire canine species is banished to an island. It also features voices from Bryan Cranston, Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson and Frances McDormand to name a few.

  1. Unsane

Of a slightly different ilk is Unsane – the latest film from director Steven Soderbergh and filmed entirely on an iPhone 7 Plus (yep, you read that right).
Claire Foy stars as a woman who moves to a new city to escape a stalker but remains haunted by visions of her pursuer. She finds herself unknowingly confining to a mental institution. This film isn’t for the faint-hearted, but fans of psychological horror films should check this out.

  1. Madeline’s Madeline

Going down a storm at Sundance Film Festival, this film is an experimental indie number from director Josephine Decker.
The plot follows a theatre director whose latest project starts to unravel in unexpected ways when a young performer gets too involved.

  1. Sorry to Bother You

This absurdist comedy is the story of an African-American telemarketer who adopts a ‘white accent’ and sees his career take off in a big way.

Directed by Boots Riley, this film throws convention out the window and is as daring as it is entertaining. With Lakeith Stanfield taking the lead role and star turns from Danny Glover and Terry Crews, this makes for an entertaining and provocative comedy.

  1. Hereditary

This modern horror movie from Ari Aster stars Toni Collette as the mother of a family recovering from the death of a secretive grandmother. As things within the family start to spiral out of control, there are plenty of jumps and questions asked in Hereditary.

  1. How to Talk to Girls at Parties

Based on a Neil Gaimon short story, How to Talk to Girls at Parties stars Alex Sharp as Enn, a punk-obsessed teenager who encounters Zan, a rebel from literally another planet, played by Elle Fanning.
But this modern tale of star-crossed, interplanetary lovers will ultimately lead to a battle between punks and aliens. Fun-filled from start to finish, this an exciting indie film to get the pulses racing.

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