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Video Production – Quick Tips

6th December 2018 by CH

If you want to get the most out of your content, check out our tips below.

Know What You’re Making

Would you build a house without blueprints? It’s obvious, but really important to plan before committing to filming or creating animation, motion graphics etc.

Make sure everybody involved is on the same page as early on as possible, and never start filming or creating anything without a script, storyboard and strong idea of what the plan is beforehand.

We suggest thinking about four key things to start you off  – purpose, length, deadline and budget. These will help you stay organised and on-track. Once you have those you can start to write a video brief.

Good Thinking

So you’ve nailed your video brief and know exactly what you’re going into.

If that includes filming, be sure to plan enough time to make the video you really want.

Arrange a filming date that works for everyone (client, crew, talent, location etc.) including spreading it out over several days if that’s what’s required. You don’t want to end up rushing things, because the end result could be take a hit.

If you’re filming outdoors, you’ll want to know these 10 tips first.

And if you’re filming things yourselves and sending UG footage to include in the edit, we definitely recommend:

  • Filming with a high spec phone or GoPro (if you want that type of look).
  • Make sure you know which shape footage will work in the rest of the edit. Landscape (16×9) is most common but vertical (portrait) can also work, with Instagram and Facebook Stories being so popular.
  • Don’t film with light behind you – you’ll look too dark!
  • Think about audio – if you’re filming yourself in a quiet area, this will ensure sound on your phone is good enough (think about how loud and muffled gig videos can be!).
  • Think about using a selfie stick and get some movement in there.
  • Make sure what you say is really natural and you come across like yourself.

Share, Share, Share!

Once you’ve put all those hours into planning, executing and producing your video, it’s time to show people. Social is the likely option for many people, as video content is received so well on social.

And when it comes to post-production, we’ve already covered editing, sharing and all the other juicy bits in some of our other blogs here.

If you’ve got a question, get in touch.

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