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Choosing The Right Emotional Tone For Your Video

29th June 2017 by CH

Setting the appropriate tone of voice for your video using emotion can help you convey the right message to your audience, as well as connecting with them in a special way. If you’re trying to portray something happy and jolly, you wouldn’t make your video sad, now would you?

But sometimes an unexpected emotional nuance might be better at achieving the desired outcome. Which is why choosing the right emotional tone for a video might seem like a challenge. But this is where we come in to help you with our video production expertise!

Laugh-out-loud content

It’s without saying that funny video content often prompts a positive response from audiences, but just where can you include humour? You need to remember to use humour responsibly, as it isn’t always appropriate. Know your brand AND your audience, and play off their tastes. You can include humour in a number of different ways, such as:

  • Hyperboles
  • Metaphors
  • Pun and world-play
  • Comedic timing
  • Parodies

All of these are fool-proof techniques to slip a little slapstick into your videos. If you’re trying to promote the mundane, why not intertwine a little comedy? It might just help to get a better response.

For example, we chose a humoristic tone of voice when creating this short promotional video for Walkers Crisps’ social media, as this helped engage the audience right from the start. The humour in this video is created via the use of puns, exaggerated body language and the voice over.

PepsiCo Walkers Blippar from CH on Vimeo.

A different kind of more subtle humour is used in this video for Fuze about Office Jargon, where the music helps emphasise the confusion of young office workers confronted with office jargon they are not familiar with, resulting in an overall funny video:

Fuze – Office Jargon from CH on Vimeo.

Lights, camera, DRAMA

Dramatic videos really play on people’s emotions,and can even be used for more serious, corporate video production. In fact, a dramatic video would really stand out from the crowd, and could be an impactful way to get a message across to businesses through this visual medium. The emotional impact of a more dramatic video – which can be achieved with a bit of help from the right music and content – can remain longer on people’s minds, making a lasting impression.

Bring on the waterworks

Tug on people’s heart-strings with emotional videos. Whether they’re sad or so cute you just can’t help but cry, it’s a great way to prompt a reaction.When it comes to social media, you have a little more room for creativity in terms of using moving language and creating emotional content. Include puppy dog eyes (or just puppies) and sad music and the people of Facebook will be swooning!

With that being said, you can’t really do the same when it comes to a more serious type of video content … instead, use compelling body language and other visual and audio cues to get rightthat emotional tone of voice for the same emotional impact, whilst remaining professional.

Bupa Dementia Care from CH on Vimeo.

Tackling a sensitive topic, dementia care, the video we created for Bupa combines uplifting music which helps convey a sense of hope with emotional images of people suffering from dementia and the moving content of a dementia carer who shares her personal experience. By adding different emotions into the mix, the video feels more personal and helps convey the message better in the end.

If you’re still a little lost on how to incorporate different emotions into your videos to easily convey your message and make your video stand out, you can always get in touch with the CH Video team by calling us on 01189 676 494. We’re always more than happy to help!

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