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How to Create Recruitment Videos that Work

27th February 2018 by CH

Recruitment videos are a really effective way to attract new talent. You can also easily adapt them to suit different social media channels and significantly expand your reach.

Not every recruitment video is the same, just as different industries have different requirements. We’ve got years of experience producing recruitment and careers videos for giants like PepsiCo and Thames Water, and we’ve learned what works well.

Read on to discover some recruitment video styles that might suit your company as well as some tips for creating great content!

Involve lots of People

Get creative and use your people to deliver a really inspiring script about the opportunities in your business. Not only will you get lots of different faces on camera, you’ll be able to show off all the different areas of your business too. You could use this engaging method to share your company values too.

Keep it Fun and Fresh

It’s crucial in today’s job market that you get across your company’s culture. Job seekers are increasingly ranking company culture as high as salary and benefits so it’s important your video is honest and a true representation.

In this video example we produced for PepsiCo, we used a quick-fire interview style to really get leaders personalities across, coupled with some fun animations.

Day in the Life

What better way to help potential new employees understand the role than showing what a typical day looks like?

And don’t forget, you can easily repurpose footage to create more content in different styles and lengths, so it’s suitable for different channels. Here’s an example of a shorter version of a five-minute video we originally created for PepsiCo. The video was posted on the careers page of their website.

Targeted Interviews

This is a great option when you are working with a smaller budget. If you have a specific role you’re recruiting for, then a dedicated interview with employees already in that role will answer a lot of questions for potential candidates and give them an extra incentive to apply. Keep these videos short though to retain your viewers’ attention.


Posting on Social
When posting on social media, you want videos that demand attention, keeping them short and sweet like our 30second promo video we produced for PepsiCo, to help recruit new people for their Digital team.
This is a fast-paced video that combines quick edits of PepsiCo advertising with large text titles. We cut it to the beat of the music to create energy and excitement around the scale of the business and the opportunities offered.


Top Tips

Make the most of what video has to offer. Don’t make it stuffy. It should be creative, fun to watch and really insightful. Simple things like adding a voiceover, designing and creating a character animation or just including more creative shots will make your content more impressive and eye-catching. You could also showcase facts about the company, present the history of your business (and its future) and share your mission statement to add more detail.

Recruitment videos can go a long way. They usually remain relevant for years to come but it’s also important to consider how the video(s) will fit with the rest of your external content and your online presence in general.

Really think about your audience and show off your company in the best possible way. Ask yourself if you would want to work there and make sure your answer is a yes!

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