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How Video Can Enhance Your Company’s Ethos and Culture

21st April 2020 by CH

In the age of digital media, there’s all sorts of ways for companies to promote how they do what they do.

Every successful company has something that sets them apart from the competition. This could be the products they sell or the services they provide. But as good as you are at what you do, sometimes this might not prove enough to set you apart. 

This is where you need to take things to new levels by developing a strong company culture. It’s all about creating and then promoting a strong company ethos. One way to do this is with video.

How Can Video Enhance Your Company’s Ethos?

Video has always been an engaging medium. Well, there might have been a few boring videos you had to sit through at school, but generally it’s a way of getting people interested straight away.

Within a company, video has the ability to capture the attention of different work teams. It can be used to promote messages, news and information that can help unite an entire workforce.

Video offers the chance to promote what’s going well within a company to other parts of the organisation. This might involve short interviews with key members of staff, footage of great work being done, or clips from company fun days and the like.

Internal videos are also a great way to boost morale, share good news stories, and get your staff smiling. They say a good worker is a happy worker. Video offers the chance for you to capture this and also, when done right, it can be a great tool for motivating and inspiring employees.

Promoting Company Ethos Beyond The Four Walls

Using video to highlight some of the great things going on within your company is wonderful for your employees to see, but this can also be used outside your company to showcase the kind of culture you have.

The world of social media makes it easier than ever to promote elements of your brand to a huge audience. You can share video easily and garner interest and support in your company’s work.

This is particularly appealing to partners who may be looking to collaborate with you. Customers too will enjoy seeing beyond the corporate face of your business into the true feeling your company has. 

It’s also a great way to attract new staff who are looking for new career opportunities. Nobody wants to work for a dull or boring business. Promote what your ethos and culture is all about and get a higher quality of CVs when you advertise for that next role.

Ready To Get Started?

At CH Video, we have worked with a number of businesses to help them spread the good word about their company ethos and culture with video. Take a look at our portfolio for some examples.

And if you want to join their ranks, simply contact our team today.

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