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How Vox Pops Videos Can Enhance Your Brand Strategy

30th June 2017 by CH

Vox pops, to put it simply, are the voice of the people and are an excellent way for brands to gain on camera endorsement from consumers about a new product launch or an old brand favourite and what better place to do this than at major sampling events.

Vox pop videos can be shared online through social channels like Facebook, YouTube or Instagram to aid with consumer engagement. They can also be leveraged by marketing teams to excite sales teams and in turn for sales teams to excite customers. They are not hugely expensive to produce and in our view add real value.

Here are our top tips for vox pops success:

1 – Plan your questions carefully and think about the desired responses

2 – Film them professionally, avoid DIY phone filming as it will detract from the message and be counter productive

3 – Film them in situ with colour/ branding in the background

4 – Add visuals of consumers interacting with the brand

5 – Avoid repetition and ensure responses are genuine and balanced

6 – Keep the edit short and snappy (no more than 1min)

7 – Animate your logo at the start and end of your edit along with music for that polished feel.

Throughout the year, our diary gets flooded with bookings for consumer vox pops and sampling content. We’ve produced hundreds of these videos over the years, filming at events like London Fashion Week, Wimbledon, Jaimie’s Festival, Polo in the Park and the Isle of Wight Festival to name just a few.

Here’s an example we made for Little Miracles at London Fashion Week:

If you’re interested in producing a vox pop style video, get in touch.

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