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The Secret To A Great Video

3rd July 2019 by CH

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Creating great content that captivates, inspires and gets people thinking is the ultimate goal for any video project.

Check out the list below to understand what’s required and what goes into making a solid piece of content.

1 – Great videos have a purpose

Don’t make a video for the sake of making a video.

Great video content is made with a strong purpose and aim. Don’t expect to click your fingers and make the magic happen. Even with lots of fancy effects and drones at your disposal, if a video is self-indulgent, vague or confusing, it just won’t land.

It needs to meet a need; whether that’s getting across a call to action, to simply entertain, educate or be thought-provoking. The more defined a video’s purpose is from the start, the better.

2 – Great videos have the right tone

Tone covers everything from the style of shots and lighting, dialogue, narrative to music choice and even video length.

A great video brings all these factors together so they work as one. 

For example, a sales video could include snappy visuals, dynamic narrative and quick cuts. An educational video needs to focus for longer on the important points to ensure viewers get what’s going on.

It’s a case of horses for courses, and the tone of each video needs to be considered to ensure the end result is right. This will help attract and engage the right type of viewer as well.

3 – Great videos get reactions

What do you want your audience to feel? Happy? Moved? Inspired? This is where your purpose and your tone come together.

Great videos do things. They resonate. By having a clear emotive response front of mind, it’s much easier to craft content to enable this. Then you can sit back and watch the likes and shares roll in.

4 – Great videos are shareable

In the social media age, great content can spread like wildfire. Short videos and clips can be shared and viewed by millions in a matter of hours. But only if it’s viral worthy!

To give your video more chances to become shareable, make sure the video length is right for the platform you’re sharing it on.

The current mantra is ‘keep it as short as possible!!’ but if you make it too short, you could risk missing important components. Our advice is to do your research, check your insights, test things but also browse online to know what’s already out there and what’s right for your audience.

5 – Great videos get the job done!

You might think your last video is great but if it didn’t achieve your original aims, it’s probably falling short somewhere.

The good news is we’ve got shed loads of advice to help you get the best output.

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