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Using Video To Reinforce Company Culture And Employee Engagement

24th April 2019 by CH

It’s not always easy to share messages or encourage a consistent ethos across different teams in large companies.

CEOs and business leaders want everybody to be moving in the same direction and to create a unified culture, but this is often pretty tough.

One solution? Video.

It’s a proven way to empower your workforce by building unity and reinforcing a company culture. On top of that, video can showcase what a business is all about and better still, attract new talent.

Internal Benefits of Video

Videos that help promote a positive, progressive way of working make it possible to bring teams together in a more effective way than a simple article on the intranet or on a shared space somewhere.

Company announcements and particularly exciting or ground-breaking news are best delivered by video because employees will find this more relatable than your standard corporate email. Plus, it can literally show the business moving in a positive direction.

A few examples:

  • Got new offices in a new location? A guided tour can help the whole company understand the move and get a feel for your ambition and aims.
  • Got a new employee benefit? Videos allow company leaders to explain why they are doing what they are doing and put some personality behind some positive news.
  • Just finished an interesting project that you want to shout about? Video can literally show other people what you’ve been up to. Put a face to the name and present what you want everybody to see.

External Options for Video

Using video as an external asset also provides a host of benefits.

If your company culture is truly something to shout about, then use videos to promote that. After all, it’s easy to write ‘we have a great company culture’ on your website. Anybody can do that. But having a video that actually shows this in action adds authenticity to your words and creates the kind of buzz and attention you want.

This approach also goes a long way from a talent acquisition perspective.

To attract the right people into your business and get them to take notice, create a recruitment video that highlights why you’re such a great place to work, and there’s a good chance the calibre of applicants for your new role will skyrocket.

People don’t want to join an uninspiring company, so make your video content exciting and interesting. Use people who are good on camera and show the locations, the type of work and the type of culture you have.

Video is also a tried and tested option if you’re trying to attract other companies. Again, it’s the chance to showcase what you’re all about and why you would be a strong collaborative partner.

Ultimately, video is a medium that does more than simply inform. It helps engage and offers insight into elements of a business that words alone struggle to do.

This is why video content is a worthwhile addition to any business plan, and outsourcing it helps you reap the benefits without having to move away from other important tasks. So if you’re ready to embrace video at your business, contact CH Video.

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