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How you can produce videos during COVID-19

14th December 2020 by CH

The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has entirely changed the way you work no matter what industry you’re in, and video production is no exception. But just because it’s not business as usual, that doesn’t mean you can’t continue creating interesting and engaging content.

Here’s how you can still produce fantastic videos that will draw in audiences and put your brand in the spotlight.

Socially Distanced and Socially Responsible Video Production

Whilst you might not be able to film as you usually would, it’s still possible to make high-quality videos and observe health and safety guidelines. 

Using a reduced crew and ensuring that social distancing measures are observed is an essential part of keeping the members of your team safe. Masks and hand sanitiser are just as necessary pieces of equipment as your cameras. 

Your content doesn’t have to suffer because of the extra steps you have to take. In some ways it can inspire you to be more creative and innovative when coming up with ideas and how you will execute them. For example, why not use drones to shoot footage, as this reduces person-to-person interaction to a minimum.

Using Mobile Phones

If you’re watching your wallet at the minute, then a budget-friendly alternative to conventional filming methods is to use your smartphone camera.

Self-shooting your own content is a cheap and effective way of producing short videos that catch people’s attention. Producing snippets that comment on something newsworthy or entertaining is a surefire way of attracting attention to your brand and establishing a closer bond with your audience.

Examples of content that would be ideal for this kind of setup are short informational sound bites or entertaining sketches. Read more about filming video on your mobile phone here.

Using Video Conference Software

Why not embrace the working from home lifestyle and use Zoom or Microsoft Teams to film your next video? This is another cost-effective method of creating engaging content during COVID-19.

And just because you’re self-filming, doesn’t mean you’ll have to do it all on your own! At CH, for example, we’ve been preparing and sharing with our clients ‘self-filming briefs’ which they can use during this process. This helps make sure everyone is prepared for the actual filming, which we can then direct over a video conference call with you.  

Want to learn more about how you can produce top-quality video content during these uncertain times? Say hello@ch-video.com

Williams Commerce Marketing Team

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