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The Best Ways To Get Inspired

28th January 2019 by CH

Finding new sources of inspiration is a great way to get your creative juices flowing and ideas popping.

Inspiration can be described as an “unconscious burst of creativity”. Now we’ve covered a handful of ways to boost your creative thoughts, let’s take a look at the different ways you can get your daily fix of inspiration.

Be at one with nature

What better way to get inspired than immersing yourself in the beauty of nature? Going for a brisk walk, run or bike ride can help increase your creativity and provide ample opportunity for inspiration.

Just being out in the fresh air and away from your devices can help give your mind a rest and come back refreshed. This means you can open yourself up to fresh thinking and new opportunities.

In our previous blog about enhancing your creativity, we discussed taking a break and found evidence that walking can go a long way to improving your creative thinking. So when it comes to finding inspiration, you can expect to boost your brainpower by going out into the great outdoors.

Play music

Music can be a fantastic pick-me-up. It can also have a similarly inspirational impact, so if you’re struggling on this side of things, you’ll probably find this to be (literally) music to your ears.

Music is a great support when it comes to musing over ideas and creating the dynamic atmosphere you need to do your best work. There are so many artists and genres out there that it’s easy to stimulate different emotions and change your thought-process.

YouTube and Instagram

YouTube is such a big platform today, and it is truly brimming with videos and ideas. We recommend YouTube because of how many diverse videos can be found.

You could dive into the world of motivational videos or perhaps gain some much-needed inspiration from watching funny cat videos (we don’t do that…promise!).

You could also check out some of these inspiring Instagram accounts and change the way you’re looking at things.

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Be at one with yourself

What does that above statement mean? It means go and do something you love and makes you happy.

A lot of people say that to gain true inspiration, you should get involved with new things that are fresh. So perhaps you could try meditating, or read something different to your usual go-to books. Maybe watch a film, play a game or just get away from your workspace for a while.

Anything that makes you happy and comfortable can be the perfect way to recharge the batteries, get you in the right frame of mind and start coming up with those game-changing ideas.

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