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How to Enhance your Twitter Feed using Video Content

22nd March 2021 by CH Video 

Using social media to promote your brand is a no-brainer, and Twitter is one of the best channels to raise awareness of your business.

A great way of taking advantage of Twitter’s capabilities is by creating and posting video content that creatively displays what your brand has to offer. Read on to learn how you can do just that.

Types of Twitter Videos

There are numerous types of videos that you can use to populate your Twitter Feed. These include:

Twitter Linked Videos – This is the simplest option. All you need to do is include a link to the video that you want to promote within your Tweet’s text. These links will create a video preview that users can play within their Twitter feed, which will help boost engagement as the step of clicking on a link is removed. The drawback is that linked videos won’t autoplay when scrolled to on people’s Feeds.

Twitter Native Videos – This type of video is similar to linked video in the sense that it creates a preview within your Tweet, but in this case the video is uploaded directly as an attachment to a Tweet rather than via a link. Native videos are slightly better at boosting engagement than linked videos as they have the ability to autoplay.

Twitter Live Videos – Livestreaming on Twitter via Periscope is another great way of promoting your brand via video. This option gives you a lot more flexibility in terms of the content you can create, as you can film using a smartphone to give your video more mobility.

Twitter Video Ads – These are paid video adverts hosted by Twitter that can help increase awareness of your business and traffic to your website. They include ‘Promoted Videos’ (video uploaded to your Feed but is seen by more people), ‘First View’ (your video is top of the timeline), and ‘In-Stream Video Ads’ (your video ad plays during live streams).

Twitter Video Best Practices

Now that you know all the different video format options available on Twitter, here’s some best practices you should follow when uploading video content to your Feed:

Keep it Short and SimpleVideos should be 15 seconds long at most to maximise their impact and the message of the video should be effectively conveyed within the first 3 seconds.

Include Products and People – Ideally the video should open with the promoted product, followed by a person having a positive experience using it, then end on a final message or logo to encourage brand recall.

Use Visual Cues – Your brand’s logo should be clearly visible throughout the video as another way of boosting brand recall and helping to build your business’ identity online. Your video content should also be designed in a way that means it can still get its message across with no audio – for example, you can use captions.

Your video content can also take many different forms depending on the type of message you are trying to convey and the type of audience you are trying to reach. For example, educational/informational videos can be useful if you want have lots of information to get across to your followers. 

Want more tips and tricks? Keep an eye on our blogs for the latest and greatest. And if you’re ready to harness the power of video for your brand or business, get in touch with us. 

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