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Are You Ready For 2018? Why You Should Start Planning Your Video Marketing Strategy Early

17th October 2017 by CH

Halloween, Christmas, and before you know it’s the new year and you’re planning your 2018 marketing strategy over a cold turkey sandwich…

So why not enjoy your time off and start planning early?

We’re here to help, so take a look at our advice to ensure you begin 2018 with style.

Good video production takes time

As wonderful as it would be to come up with an idea for a video on day one, shoot it the next and then have it signed off by the end of the third, it’s obviously not a good idea and of course it’ll have creative limitations.

Depending on the scale of your production, it can take anything from a few days to produce short form videos for social, to weeks or even months for large scale video campaigns, product launches and even in-depth documentaries.

But as with Christmas shopping, don’t fret! Advanced planning can help speed up the process, ensure that everything flows according to plan and maximise the quality of the end result. If you’re struggling, begin with our handy guide for writing a video brief.

Ask the right questions

Before you start work on your marketing plan for the upcoming year, it’s important to firstly establish what you want to achieve and how you’re going to measure your results. You’ll need KPIs and goals.

If you’re struggling to see how video marketing can contribute towards your overall strategy, check out our article about how you can use video to grow your business online.

We’ve also got 5 tips for increasing video engagement on social media to help you achieve better results.

Decide on a budget & check in with your agencies

Having an idea of your budget (even a ballpark) early on will help your agencies estimate what’s achievable for you.  Your video agency can tell you what’s possible too and what style and scale of production you can go for. So, once you’ve established your budget, get in touch with them and brainstorm ideas and tell them exactly what you need. Make it a collaborative process! Visibility of your marketing plan and key dates will also ensure they’re available and ready to go at the push of a button. Here’s a reminder on why it’s more cost-effective to go with a professional video production agency.

We’ve been providing a variety of video production services for our clients for the last 12 years.

We understand why planning and preparation are so important. That’s why we’re already collaborating with clients on their 2018 video marketing strategies right now. And we can help you too.


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